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Brandi from Texas



from Texas

Brandi is a very happy and loving little girl. She loves watching television and listening to music. She enjoys meeting new people. Brandi will smile and attempt to talk to them, even though she can only say a few words. Brandi is very attentive and likes to interact with other children. She loves to be read to. Brandi thrives when she has a structured routine to follow. She loves school and is very connected to her teachers and friends. Brandi is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, though she doesn't let anything stop her! Brandi can be very affectionate and likes attention. She tends to rock back and forth at times to self soothe.

Brandi needs a family who will be nurturing, loving, and caring. Her family will need to be attentive to her needs and who will show her affection. Brandi will benefit from a family who has significant experience with parenting children with special needs. Brandi will thrive in a family who provides structure and consistency. She will also need a caregiver who will be able to take her to any needed appointments.

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