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Brandom from Texas



from Texas

Brandom is initially a shy by with a sweet and sensitive personality. He loves to play basketball and video games. His favorite video game is Roblox. Brandom likes to do things with his hands, so he is great at solving Rubik's cube and making crafts. His favorite color is blue and favorite food is pepperoni pizza. He likes to read the Dog Man books or play Uno and Connect 4. Brandom likes to listen to country music and watch his favorite characters, Superman or Batman, on TV or in movies. He has a good relationship with his three sisters. Brandom hopes his family will support and encourage him playing basketball.

Being the eldest children in the group, Brandom and Millianie have a maturity to them. They will benefit from a family who encourage them to be children instead of caregivers to their younger siblings. All four children share a close relationship with each other. They all love doing crafty things or being outside and playing together. Marceline and Mia like to play school, Marceline likes being the teacher and Mia the student. Mia loves to be around her siblings or others, as she doesn't like to be alone. The children currently attending school are all doing well. These siblings need a family who will love them all but give individual attention to each of them. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Brandom a family who has pets, and he likes dogs and cats. He needs a family who has the energy to parent him and his three sisters. He will benefit from a family who has the time to assist him with school and take him to extra-curricular activities. Brandom would like a brother to play with and he likes having a father figure.