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Brandon from Texas



from Texas

Brandon is a jokester at heart, who he believes he is the funniest kid ever. He initially comes off as very shy but once he is comfortable with you, his smile will light up your day. Brandon enjoys reading comics and playing video games. He doesn't enjoy reading if he finds the book to be boring. Brandon likes to build with Legos and brags about how good he is at it. He is kind, sweet, and enjoys laughing. He also likes going places and being outdoors, especially if it means he gets to play his favorite sports. Brandon enjoys eating and at times cooking food.

Brandon is in need of loving, supportive, patient, and encouraging parents. He is used to having siblings and has stated he would love to have a brother around his age. Brandon has stated that he preferred a mother and father, but he is open to single parents. Brandon will do best in a home which provides day to day structure.