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Brandon from Texas



from Texas

Brandon is a funny, outgoing, and energetic kid. He can take a bit to warm up to others, but once he does, he is very engaging. Brandon strongly desires to find a forever family because he is ready to be able to enjoy life and share his experiences with a family. During Brandon's downtime, he enjoys playing video games and watching movies. Brandon is a sports loving kid who loves playing basketball and football. When he isn't outside playing sports, he is munching down on some good food such as pizza, burgers, or hot Cheetos. Brandon is adventurous and is excited to find a forever family to share all of his interests with!

Brandon would like a two-parent home and he is open to having two mothers. Brandon would like to have one or two siblings and he would enjoy pets. He will benefit from a family who will provide an encouraging environment and a sense of safety for him. Brandon's family will constantly shows support and be patient with him. Brandon can be reserved at first, but will warm up to others and can be very engaging. Brandon will benefit from a family who will engage in activities with him and experience new adventures together.

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