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Brandon from Texas



from Texas

Brandon is very sweet and loving youth. He is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Brandon can follow simple requests and does very well when a routine is established. He is non-verbal but can communicate his basic needs such as when he is hungry, sleepy, and when he needs to use the restroom. Brandon will respond when his name is called. He is shy upon first meeting and then slowly warms up to interaction. He enjoys playing with basketballs and hangers. Brandon is able to take care of some of his activities of daily living such as eating, though he does need to be monitored. He needs assistance with some day to day living activities such as preparing his meals, grooming, hygiene, and getting dressed. Brandon does not appear to have any behavioral problems and is pleasant to be around. He is a happy youth.

Brandon will thrive in a family setting of understanding, patience, love, and stability. He will do well in a structured environment where his well-being is a priority. He will do well with a family who has some knowledge of or experience with children who have special needs.