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Braydon from Texas



from Texas

Braydon is a very intelligent teenage boy, who loves eating Taco Bell. He enjoys country living, and adores all things wilderness. One of his strongest aspirations is to become a game warden in the state of California. He enjoys fishing and hunting. Braydon enjoys playing basketball and football, but basketball is his favorite sport of all. His favorite NBA player is KD, Kevin Durant, of the Golden State Warriors. Braydon is very mature for his age, he interacts best with peers his age. Braydon believes a little more love in the world would made it a much better place. Braydon loves the outdoors and playing sports.

Braydon would do great with a mom and a dad. He would thrive in a home with an older brother and/or a younger sister. He needs a structured home with loving non-smoking parents that understand the importance of living healthy.

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