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Brian from Texas



from Texas

Brian is a soft-spoken and reserved young man who shines outside the spotlight. He can be modest and he appreciates many aspects of life that some easily take for granted. He can be uncomfortable with compliments and so it's particularly rewarding when praise makes him smile. He is resourceful, independent and is able to tend to many of his own basic needs effectively. He is often cooperative, polite and thrives with structure. He advocates for his needs effectively. He is developing interests and activities to give him the most opportunities for success in his future. He is a hard worker and has worked with his grandfather in construction. He seeks companionship of others and prefers to hang out with family members and peers. He has a deep loyalty to his biological family who he loves dearly.

Brian thrives in a structured environment and his ideal family would be able to give him clear expectations. He would be most successful if given hands-on guidance and gradual opportunities for independence. He would enjoy working side by side with a parent either in employment or with an extracurricular activity especially with construction or building. He would like to maintain contact with his biological family and so any family should be agreeable to him maintaining contact. He would benefit from a family who celebrates the Hispanic culture.

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