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Brian from Texas



from Texas

Brian is an active and athletic youth. He enjoys playing sports competitively. Brian has started to play on his school team. He really likes basketball and has attended some professional games as a fan. At times, Brian can be disrespectful towards adult authority figures but does well with consistency. He has the ability to get good grades and benefits from encouragement to take school seriously and to complete his homework. He has been working on his language and respecting adults, peers, and himself. Brian needs some direction in using proper English and this can influence his ability to complete assignments. He does ask for help when he needs it. Brian's primary language is English. He has taken some interest in learning to do oil changes on cars to earn some extra money last summer. He says that he likes doing it. Brian has taken great interest in writing lyrics to his own songs. He is proud of what he does but sometimes has low self-esteem when talking about the good things he has done.

Brian will thrive with a family who is active, busy, and involved in sports. He wants a family with whom he can have fun. He enjoys receiving attention from adults and looks forward to being adopted into a forever family.

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