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Brianna from Texas



from Texas

Brianna is friendly and has a sweet spirit. She is a people person who loves to be around others and brings smiles to everyone. Brianna is known as a morning person who greets those she cares about with a hug. Brianna loves to be active and try new things, foods, and places. Brianna does well in school when she receives supportive services to help her complete work. In school, she is taking courses in Early Childhood Development because she wishes to pursue a career as a teacher, and then as a principal. Brianna wears a hearing aid to assist with some hearing loss, but this does not prevent her from participating in any activities. She is a member of the running club and hopes to try out for football at her new school. Brianna loves to be around and care for dogs, and she also loves cats. She enjoys her current responsibility of caring for a fish and a crab. She can be frustrated by others at times and she is working on expressing herself in a positive manner when she gets upset. Brianna feels that with a kind, supportive family she will be able to excel at most things.

Brianna's family will be committed to her and show her how much they care about her. She will do best in a family who will allow her to feel comfortable and show her she can be a kid again. A family who is active and enjoys spending time together will be best for Brianna. Her family will provide her with a structured environment and actively advocate for her in all areas of her life. Brianna hopes for a two parent family with other children. She would like to be a big sister. Brianna also hopes to be able to stay in contact with her two siblings, who are not part of this adoption.

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