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  Brylee from Texas



from Texas

Brylee is a social butterfly when she is out and about with her foster mom. She enjoys visiting with all of her nurses, doctors, and extended foster family. Brylee likes her cartoons and playing with other children. She likes toys that play music and make different sounds. Brylee has a medical condition called Short Gut Syndrome, which requires an intestinal transplant, and she is being placed on a transplant list. She currently receives her nutrition through total parenteral nutrition (TPN), but her doctors are working towards having her eat by mouth. Brylee walks and talks like any toddler. She also likes to test her limits.

Brylee needs a family with experience in caring for medically fragile children. She is on a transplant list in another state and needs a family that is able to spend time there, if needed. Her parents will need to stay at the hospital with her on occasion. Aside from the medical requirements, Brylee needs parents who will love her, keep her actively involved in all of her activities, and allow her continued contact with her foster mom.