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Bryton from Texas



from Texas

Bryton is an energetic teen who is loyal, polite, and caring. He is working hard in school, and at times can be hasty or have bouts of inattention to his work. Bryton forms healthy relationships and can be very social. He likes to try new things because he is interested in improving himself. Bryton has a voice and is learning to advocate for himself. He enjoys outdoor activities, such as riding go-karts, riding horses, and swimming. He is very focused on the possibility of adoption and having a forever family. While he is not involved in any extra-curricular activities, he enjoys going to the gym and playing basketball.

Bryton needs a family who will be committed to keeping him connected with his brother Blade. He will benefit from security and having a consistent positive role model in his life. Bryton's family will have patience and encourage him to achieve his goals in school and in life. Bryton wants a family he can call his own and who will be committed to him for life.