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Caitlin from Texas



from Texas

Caitlin is an active girl who enjoys making friends and really wants a forever family to call her own. Like most girls her age, Caitlin enjoys playing outside, playing games, listening to music, and going to church. Caitlin enjoys interacting with other children but becomes easily agitated when she doesn't get her way. Caitlin needs direction to comply with adult requests and rules and needs to learn to take responsibility for her mistakes and actions. Caitlin says she would like to live in the country or in a town, as long as she has a good place to ride her bike. If she could absolutely pick a place to live, it would be on a farm where she could ride her bike out to feed her horse. Caitlin likes spending time with animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, and bunnies. She is also very good at arts and crafts; even sitting for long periods of time putting her heart into some special project for herself or someone she loves. She likes school and loves to learn. Caitlin is hoping to have her own room when she moves in with her new family; a place she can unwind and be herself; a place to call her own and feel really safe about it all. Caitlin would also like a family that spends time together and will give her a chance to just be a girl doing the things a girl her age gets to do; even those cowgirl type things. View my video on "Gift of Love".

Caitlin will benefit from a family who will act as a role model for her to show her how to interact with others in a positive manner. They will provide her a structured home environment with consistent rules and consequences. Caitlin needs a family who will provide her with the one-on-one time she desires and needs. A family who will give genuine praise for her positives and constant encouragement to inspire her toward all she hopes and dreams. Caitlin needs a family who will help her work through her emotions in a positive way without becoming upset. Caitlin needs a family who will be very patient with her as she transitions into adoption. Caitlin has a younger sister with whom she wants to continue contact. Caitlin needs a family where she will be the only child or a family with much older children.