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Calvin from Texas



from Texas

Calvin is a happy and energetic youth who enjoys being outside. He loves to go swimming, camping, play basketball, and flag football. Calvin also enjoys watching movies and drawing. He attends church and is described to be polite and very respectful. Calvin does have some struggles with acting before thinking. He participates in supportive services to help him learn new skills. He does best when he has a routine and knows what is coming next. Calvin does have a difficult past that he continues to work towards overcoming. He has made progress and continues to do so through his hard work. Calvin is a child who desires to be a part of a family with whom he can remain and receive support from in years to come.

The ideal family for Calvin is one who will offer him the time and emotional investment to work with him during his transition into a new home. He needs a family who will offer him the emotional support and love he needs to thrive. Calvin needs to be in a home that is consistent and provides him with a stable routine and environment. He has a lot of love to offer any family; he needs to be in a home that is willing to work with him and let him know that they will be there no matter what.

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