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Calvin from Texas



from Texas

Calvin is a sweet, kind hearted, and compassionate boy who loves to play outdoors and play video games. He really enjoys playing the Super Mario video games with his brother. Calvin enjoys going on car rides to site see, playing with toy cars and Legos, and eating snacks. He loves watching Paw Patrol and all the Disney shows. Calvin enjoys getting to play on the playground with friends. He currently uses a wheelchair for mobility. Calvin is building his reading and math skills. He enjoys talking to his teachers and friends in class. Calvin loves to learn new things at school and explore his environment.

Anthony, Calvin, and Anna are close siblings who don't mind letting everyone else know how much they want to be together. Anthony and Calvin spend time playing together, and especially they love to play video games together. Calvin stated he and Anthony sometimes share secrets and he likes that. Anna expresses her love for her brothers in her own way. She loves to have them teach her how to operate a tablet or iPad. Anna has her own way of communicating and will frequently call out her brothers' names. Her brothers love her and always ask about her well-being. The siblings get along very well and love each other very much.

Calvin needs a family who will provide him love, acceptance, structure, and consistency. He needs parents who are patient and able meet all his needs. Calvin needs a family who is able to fully understand his medical needs and meet them. His family will keep him with his brother and sister, as well as maintaining contact with his paternal grandmother.

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