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Cameron from Texas



from Texas

Cameron enjoys the outdoors. He is sociable with peers his age. Once Cameron is comfortable, he will engage in conversation. He loves playing basketball, football, and soccer. Cameron aspires to be a professional football player. He challenges himself to be the best he can be in all athletics. He likes to be involved in activities both outdoors and indoors. He enjoys having fun participating in water activities. Cameron also loves to play video games. He enjoys going to the movies. Cameron has his own sense of style with his clothing. He is a smart child who enjoys to be challenged in school. Cameron would like to travel to other cities and countries.

Cameron's family will support and understand his emotional and social needs. He wants a family who is positive and happy. His family will be stable and provide a daily routine for Cameron. Cameron would like to be in a family who is active. He would like a family with teenagers and has experience raising energetic teenagers. Cameron would like a family who is involved with him. He needs a family who has a great sense of humor.

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