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Cameron from Texas



from Texas

Cameron is a sweet youth who is very charming, intelligent, inquisitive, and articulate. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music, swimming, camping, and playing soccer and baseball. He also likes to stay indoors in the air conditioning playing video games. Cameron's favorite movies are action movies. Cameron's favorite foods are pizza and chocolate ice-cream. His favorite subject in school is science. Cameron has a tendency to be impulsive on occasion and needs help with self-esteem. At times, these traits cause problems with his school work and relationships with others. However, he is strong-willed and vocal and is able to voice his own wants and needs. Cameron has a strong desire to be adopted. Visit me at the The Greater Wichita Falls Area Heart Gallery.

Cameron has stated that he wants his adoptive family to be nice, enjoy playing games, and he would like to have siblings. He will do best in a family with lots of love and patience. Cameron needs an experienced family with time to devote to him to help him overcome his feelings of low self-esteem. Parents who are calm and not easily frustrated are ideal. Cameron needs a nurturing, structured living environment that provides clearly defined limits. The ideal family will utilize discipline strategies in a logical and reasonable manner without intense emotional reaction. Cameron will do well with the use of positive reinforcement. Cameron needs a family who will be supportive and willing to help him work through any feelings of anger and low self-esteem.