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Cameron from Texas



from Texas

Cameron is a goofy teen with a big smile when he is happy. He interacts well with other kids. When other kids are around, he is quick to tell them that he is the favorite. He likes to go fishing, swimming, riding bikes, playing basketball and football. He would like to have teens on his block who like to meet up for football and basketball. He enjoys gatherings with his extended foster family, and spending time with his sister who has been adopted. He would like to have the opportunity to go horseback riding again and play team sports at school. He likes all types of animals and is the type of teen that is willing to try new things. Since he does not process information correctly at times, he likes for his foster dad to make sure he is understanding why he is in trouble.

Cameron's forever family will be patient with him and be nonconfrontational with their tone of voice or actions. He has seen other foster kids return to care and worries that he will not be treated well by an adopted family. He needs to be able to trust that the adults are going to keep him safe, guide him, and take the time to explain what he does not understand. His therapeutic services will need to be in place before he is placed in an adoptive placement, so he will not have a lapse in services. His forever family will be active, and into sports. He is a Dallas Cowboy fan. He will not do well in a family who just sits and watch TV. He would like for his family to be a close family of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins who like spending time with each other.

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