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Carla from Texas



from Texas

Carla is a sweet, energetic, and friendly girl. She is affectionate and tries to be helpful to younger children. She has several friends and is well liked by others. Carla responds well to redirection when needed. She likes playing in the swimming pool, but is still learning how to swim. Carla enjoys putting puzzles together and playing video games. She loves to eat anything from McDonald's. She enjoys playing outside, swinging, and coloring. Carla is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While she is classified as non-verbal, she has the ability to repeat phrases and use singular words when asking for something, such as drink, candy, McDonald's, video, etc. She also asks for things like: iPhone; iPad; computer; and water. She understands and responds to simple questions with singular words or through actions; for example, you can say, "it's time for pictures" and Carla says, "cheese." Her non-verbal classification is due to her limited ability to hold and maintain conversations. Carla enjoys playing with dolls, reading books, doing puzzles, and using the iPod or computer. She is a whiz with the iPad and computers. Carla can type statement expressions from movies and videos she views on YouTube. She loves to watch videos of "Veggie Tales" and other children's movies and will re-enact the movie word for word. She also likes to sing songs from movies such as "Frozen." Carla is a bright child and can learn when she enjoys the subject. She needs appropriate supervision and reminders to focus on the task at hand. She also likes to sing and dance. Carla has made improvements with interacting with people; looking and maintaining eye contact when being spoken to; and greeting others. She prefers to withdraw from all the other children and play alone, but when prompted she will join the group. Carla is able to make eye contact, but requires reminders to do so. She can be slow to warm up to new people; however, once she does, she will sit next to them or lean into them to hug, give hi-fives, and try her best to answer questions when someone speaks to her. Carla has no concept of danger or boundary issues. She needs redirection to remain close and not wander off. Carla requires help picking out clothes and fixing her hair, but can dress herself and tend to other hygiene responsibilities with redirection. She interacts well with other kids, older and younger, and has developed positive relationships with her caregivers and others at school. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.

Carla is anxiously waiting for her forever family. She will benefit from a nurturing and supportive family that will provide her with a structured and stable environment. Carla will do best with a family familiar with or willing to explore the areas of Autism. She needs strong parents who will assist her with her daily activities. She will thrive with a family prepared to handle her distinct developmental needs. The perfect family for Carla is a small to medium sized family with no more than two or three children, preferably the same age as her or older. With Carla's energy and interest levels, she will do well in a home with plenty of space, lots of interests, and a large backyard to play. Carla has a sibling that is not part of this adoption. A family willing to allow her to maintain contact is preferred.