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Carla from Texas



from Texas

Carla has a loving personality. She is very affectionate to those around her once she warms up to them. Carla interacts well with peers of all ages and she has developed positive relationships with kids in her community. She enjoys singing, writing, coloring, and watching Disney movies. Carla also enjoys swimming, playing video games, and reading. She does well in engaging in structured independence when she has support and guidance from a caring adult. Carla needs ongoing support and guidance to help her learn when to practice her coping skills and use her words to express her needs and feelings. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Carla is anxiously waiting for her forever family. She will benefit from a nurturing and supportive family that will provide her with a structured and stable environment. Carla will do best with a family familiar with or willing to explore the areas of Autism. She needs strong parents who will assist her with her daily activities. She will thrive with a family prepared to handle her distinct developmental needs. The perfect family for Carla is a small to medium sized family with no more than two or three children, preferably the same age as her or older. With Carla's energy and interest levels, she will do well in a home with plenty of space, lots of interests, and a large backyard to play. Carla has a sibling that is not part of this adoption. A family willing to allow her to maintain contact is preferred.

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