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Carlos from Texas



from Texas

Meet Carlos, a teenager full of creativity and a wonderful imagination. He enjoys drawing, painting, and writing comics. He has expressed interest in taking an art class and would welcome the chance to play on a local soccer team with his peers. Carlos' favorite foods are lasagna and red velvet cake. In school, his favorite subject is art. When Carlos grows up, he would like to be a video game designer. He enjoys make-believe games such as Lion King, Tarzan, Mario Brothers, and Ninja Turtles. Carlos is looking for a family who will let him not only grow in the areas he is good at, but also give him the chance to try many new activities. Oh, and he really is not much of a dog person. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas. View my video on KLTV7 "Gift of Love".

Carlos' forever family will be able to offer him the extra supervision and attention he needs. They will be great role models and equipped at helping Carlos feel safe by providing him structure and routine within healthy family relationships. His new family will allow him all the time he needs to be himself and learn to fit in at his own pace. Carlos will do well with a family who will help him gain and keep ground academically through encouragement, praise, and consistency. Carlos needs love, nurture, opportunity, safety, and a lot of attention; but most of all, he needs the commitment of a lifetime; the kind of love that never fails.