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Carma from Texas



from Texas

Carma is a teenager who is outgoing and talkative. She has a very sweet and caring personality and likes to help others. Carma is adventurous and likes trying new things. She enjoys going on outings and having fun. Carma likes doing crafting projects, listening to music, and shopping. She enjoys sports, such as basketball and football, and playing video games. Carma is school oriented and enjoys going to school. She has expressed a strong desire to have a forever home. Carma has an on-going relationship with her two brothers who have been adopted. Carma has so much to share with her new family.

Carma is aware of her situation and desires to be adopted. She wants to feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. Carma would benefit from having a family who can be consistent while providing her with appropriate structure. Carma would do well in a single mother home. She would excel in a home with children that are older than her or a home without children. Carma needs a family who will be supportive of her maintaining current relationships with her brothers. She would benefit from a family who is active and supportive of her being involved in extracurricular activities.

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