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Chakotah from Texas



from Texas

Chakotah has a very open and relaxed personality. He is an active sport enthusiast, who enjoys watching professional sports as well as playing baseball, basketball, and football. Chakotah makes a great defensive tackle when he plays football. He would like to play sports at the collegiate level in the future. His favorite professional football team is the Indianapolis Colts. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and has even been involved in a fishing club in the past. Like many youth his age, Chakotah also likes to listen to music, play video games, and go to the movies. Chakotah would like to attend college in the future and pursue a career in either construction field or writing. He is mechanically inclined and likes to build things. Chakotah has a passion for writing which is evidenced by the writing he does in his free time. He likes to write fiction or about subjects he can relate to. People who know Chakotah state he is a great writer and could be an author. His favorite book series is the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He also enjoys reading science fiction and romance novels. Chakotah has a kind heart and is an animal lover. He gets along well with other children of any age. He likes to cook, he especially likes to BBQ on a grill. His current goals are to save up money to buy a vehicle and to obtain his driver's license. If he could go anywhere, he would want to visit Tokyo. His favorite cuisine is Chinese food and likes lo mein and fried rice. He loves Whataburger, he will always leave with a chocolate milk shake. Chakotah may seem a little quiet at first when you first meet him, but he will soon open up once he feels comfortable and share his thoughts. He enjoys one on one relationships with people and prefers to have a few close friends. Chakotah is looking for a family who will provide him the space and freedom to explore his individuality.

Chakotah states his ideal family will be a supportive family who will be able to take care of his needs. He would like to live in the city, but he would be open to living in the country since he likes to be outdoors. The ideal family for Chakotah will provide unconditional love and consistent structure. He will do well with a family who provides activities done as a family or individual. Chakotah needs somebody he can trust and who will be there for him. He states that he would do well in a home with siblings of any age. Chakotah needs a family who will encourage him to be creative and express his individualism while achieving his goals.

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