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Charie from Texas



from Texas

Charie is an active and bubbly child. She enjoys being outdoors running, playing, and having a good time. Charie does well in school and makes the A/B honor roll most of the time. She enjoys reading, playing dress up, and being outdoors. Charie values her relationship with her sister who is not part of this adoption. Charie is a strong willed child who allows her emotions to take over at times. She has learned to take ownership for her actions and is working on controlling her emotions. She will need patience and support while she strives to master these skills. Charie wants to be part of a family and desires the unconditional love she deserves. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Charie desires a family who is active both outdoors and indoors. She will thrive best with a family who will provide structure, consistency, and unconditional love. Charie looks forward to having a forever home and family who will love her. She needs a family willing to show her what family commitment and stability truly means. Charie will need a patient family as she will need time to adjust to her new family. She can be a challenge in the beginning, but a family who is willing to show her unconditional love, structure, and consistency will be a great fit for her.