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Charlly from Texas



from Texas

Charlly is an outgoing girl who likes to draw, read and play with friends. She can usually be found smiling around her home and laughing with other kids. She is very helpful in assisting other children in her home with chores or tasks. Charlly gets praise from her teachers at school due to her cheerful and fun personality. She attends church on a weekly basis and likes socializing with other kids. Charlly receives supportive services in school and this assistance ensures she is successful in class. She is well-mannered and gets along easily with others. She loves playing outside, with her Barbie dolls and coloring. Charlly is very creative and enjoys poetry. She also enjoys shopping and getting her nails done.

Charlly will benefit from a family who can provide her with love and support. She will also benefit from an active family who would let her continue going to church. She will do well in a one or two-parent home.

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