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Chevelle from Texas



from Texas

Chevelle is full of energy and his bright smile will light up the room. He likes to talk and laugh all the time. He also loves to joke around and make others laugh. He enjoys playing with electronics, such as his tablet and video games. Chevelle's favorite sports are football and basketball. He dreams of becoming an NFL player with the goal of winning a super bowl. After he gets a few super bowl wins under his belt, he plans to coach a team. Chevelle has a great appetite and will pretty much eat anything. His favorites are pizza, hamburgers and Chinese buffets. He likes going to the movies and catching the latest film releases. Sometimes, Chevelle will leave out specific facts about different situations as kids his age often do. He does well in school and does not have any problems making friends and meeting new people. He desires to have a loving family.

Chevelle needs a nurturing family who is structured and consistent. He will thrive in a two-parent home that allows him to participate in extracurricular activities. A male figure in his life is important as he needs guidance and reminders of being responsible. His forever family will encourage him to achieve his dreams.