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Christian from Texas



from Texas

Christian is an energetic youth who loves sports and being active. He likes to play and watch basketball and football. Christian also enjoys having and learning about the most "up-to-date" technology. He is interested in computers, whether that is the traditional desktop PC or a tablet or smart phone. Like most youth his age, he is very sociable and likes to spend time going out to eat or to the movies with family and friends. He tends to be on the quiet side when meeting new people. On a typical day, you can find Christian enjoying one of the newest Marvel movies or outside riding his bike.

Meet Christian and Dallas! These siblings will keep you on your toes and fill your life with activity. Both Christian and Dallas love to go outside and play sports or ride their bikes, or stay inside and watch TV, play video and board games, or go to the movies. Christian loves to play football and basketball and looks forward to his practices and games. Dallas is looking forward to playing volleyball and running track next season. Dallas also enjoys singing in the school and church choirs. Going to church and having a family that is strong in their faith is important to Dallas and Christian. They each have a love for animals and, as you can tell from Dallas' picture, she hopes to have an indoor cat in her forever home. As most children their age, both of them are into technology and Christian is especially interested in learning more about computers. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Christian's family will be one who loves to participate in indoor and outdoor activities together as a family. His family will keep him active through sports and other outdoor activities. Christian's ideal parents will support him in his sports by attending his games and showing him that they are interested in what interests him, but also introduce him to new things. His forever family will guide him through adolescence and help him navigate through high school and be there to gush over his prom and senior pictures!