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Christian from Texas



from Texas

Christian is a friendly, kind boy who is ready for a family of his own. He enjoys sports, particularly football and basketball, and enjoys discussing the latest information about NFL teams. He is hoping to play sports in the next season himself. Christian, like many teenagers, enjoys playing video games, especially those which involve sports. He is making great strides at making good decisions when dealing with peers. He is working on expressing himself through open and positive communication. Christian is cooperative, helpful, and always wanting to give to others, especially those with less than him. He's a real sweetheart!

Christian will benefit from a family who will provide him encouragement and positive role modeling. His family will advocate for his educational needs and help him engage in the extracurricular activities which will support his interests and help his self-esteem grow. Christian would love to have his family cheering him on from the sidelines at his games. Christian will thrive in a family who will seek services to continue to meet his emotional needs and engage in any therapeutic recommendations.

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