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Christina from Texas



from Texas

Christina is personable, friendly and greets everyone with a hug. She is the princess in the family. She loves to play with girls her age. She likes dancing and laughing. She does the splits and other gymnastic moves. She wants to be a cheerleader. She can be bossy. She loves to share her food and toys with others. She enjoys movies and video games. Playing outside is one of her favorites. She loves riding her bike. Painting her nails, and wearing make-up is a passion for her. She loves spa day with her foster mom. She enjoys doing new things and visiting new places. She loves all types of animals especially bunnies.

Christina's forever family will be patient, understanding, supportive, and will nurture her interests. Her forever family will be encouraging and supportive of her dream of being a cheerleader. Her forever family will help her braid her hair and paint her nails. Her forever family will be able to take care of her needs and provide consistency in a nurturing, and highly structured loving environment. Her forever family will provide security and be committed to caring for her. Her forever family will love her and help her feel safe.

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