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Christine from Texas



from Texas

Christine is an energetic youth. When she isn't hanging out with friends at school, she participates in the JROTC program. She enjoys this activity and is a proud member of the JROTC. She does well in school and enjoys meeting new people. Christine is both spontaneous and bold. Being adventurous is one of Christine's stand-out traits! Every day, Christine figures out who she wants to be and works towards those goals. Christine enjoys family time including watching movies and learning to cook. She enjoys playing with the dogs in the backyard and would like to have a dog of her own one day. While Christine can sometimes become upset with her foster siblings she continues utilizing her coping skills in order to problem solve. Christine is still learning to take responsibility for her own actions. Her bubbly personality will draw you in the instant you meet her. Christine has expressed a desire to participate in cheer-leading and explore by traveling.

Christine will do well in a two parent home with an active dally schedule that is also structured. She will do well with younger siblings or as an only child. Christine needs parents who can monitor her behaviors to ensure her safety. The ideal family will be patient and provide her with encouragement when she does something well but also hold her accountable when she breaks a rule. Christine would love to have a family who will provide her opportunities to build her self-confidence. Christine wants a family who will love her unconditionally and provide her guidance into adulthood.