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Christopher from Texas



from Texas

Christopher is a polite and friendly young man. He likes to try new things especially if it is a sport that he has not watched or played. Christopher likes to be at home spending time as a family. He likes to play board games and watch movies as a family. Like most other children his age, he is quite adept at video games and can spend quite a bit of time there. Christopher opens up easily about his feelings. He likes to talk to people who will really listen to him. Christopher has a strong sense of fair play and knows that respect is essential for a family to work correctly. He is respectful of others and expects reciprocation.

Annabelle, Christopher and Rosalee are a spirited group! They are very close siblings and like being together. They are loving and active children who keep everyone on their toes! All three children are energetic and enjoy playing games and doing activities that are high energy. They love being together but are also individuals who need activities suited to their individual skills and preferences too. They all love to play outdoors and go on outings. Christopher is very bright. He loves to learn new facts about the world. Anabelle is a darling little girl who likes a lot of physical play to burn off her energy. Rosalee enjoys swimming and playing outdoors. They all love animals and love to help people with their tasks. They need love and patience to thrive. Visit us at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Christopher needs a family with a fair, firm and consistent structure. They should be able to be firm without sounding angry or mean. He needs to be given love and respect and treated as if he is a permanent part of the family. He will do best in a family that is willing to talk through issues and listen to his feelings about life, and daily goings on.

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