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  Christopher from Texas



from Texas

Christopher is a very sweet youth who is very tender hearted. Christopher loves playing video games, especially fantasy games such as the Legend of Zelda. He gravitates towards books based on fantasy as well. Christopher loves animals and enjoys observing them. He enjoys playing tennis and is great about following the rules. While Christopher strives to be the best student he can be, he does struggle in school and needs extra help. He enjoys school and wants to do better and get the grades he desires. His dream is to become a police officer one day and learn how to be a detective. Christopher does have difficulty in social situations and finds it hard to make friends. He can be hard on himself and will sometimes not describe himself in a positive light if he feels he has done something wrong. He does not talk down to others or treat others poorly. Christopher is very considerate of those around him and truly aims to please.

The ideal family for Christopher will provide him with a loving and caring environment. He needs a home that can be patient and model healthy relationships and habits. Christopher needs to be nurtured and taught how to recognize his personal strengths. He needs a family where he can get the help he needs with his school work and also have some freedom to do the things he enjoys.

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