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Christyna from Texas



from Texas

Christyna loves purple and anything with sparkles. She is truly a "girly-girl". Christyna enjoys playing dress-up, and the more bling there is, the better! She enjoys playing quietly by herself so she can appear shy but she also enjoys going on outings and field trips with her friends. She has a sweet, easy-going personality with a beautiful smile to top it off. Christyna enjoys looking at and reading books and her favorite books are about animals. She can write her first name and is working on writing her last name. Christina has mastered some basic number and counting skills and knows the values of coins. Christyna receives supportive services in school. At home, she receives speech, occupational, physical, and play therapies. Christyna learns best from play! Christyna has medical conditions and needs that are monitored by medical professionals and specialists. Due to these special needs she requires supportive services with most daily activities. She does best with routines and things that are familiar to her. Christyna prefers to be asked questions she can answer with a yes or no, or simple one to two word responses. .

Christyna will benefit from a family who can offer a structured environment, with consistent daily routines and expectations. Christyna's family will be open to learning about her medical history, but do not have to be experts in her diagnoses to provide a safe and loving home. Christyna will need to continue receiving supportive services to make progress and reach goals. Christyna will do best with a family who can provide a wide variety of learning opportunities and life experiences. Christyna should be encouraged to play and have fun with her family!