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Colby from Texas



from Texas

Colby is bright, spontaneous, and outgoing. She enjoys playing sports, especially volleyball and basketball. Her favorite foods are pizza and chocolate! Colby cares deeply for others. She is quick to trust and makes friends easily. She loves to hang out with her friends. Like many teenage girls, Colby likes to shop for makeup, clothes, and shoes. Another of Colby's favorite things to do is to listen to music. She can often be found singing and dancing along. She is very straight forward, and she does not hide what she is thinking from others. Colby is learning to filter her thoughts.

Hannah and Colby are both strong willed girls. These sisters share a love of music. They have a lot of energy which they use to sing and dance together. The sisters have huge hearts and truly care for those around them. Hannah always looks out for her litter sister. In turn, Colby is always making sure her friends and family are cared for. Hannah is the more artsy of the sisters, she enjoys sign language, journaling, making up songs, and art projects. While Colby excels in sports, her favorites are volleyball and basketball. The girls love to shop for makeup and clothes. Hannah and Colby are each other's best friend.

Colby will do best in a two-parent home. She is open to having siblings or being the only children in the home with her sister. Colby will need a family who offers patience and consistency. She needs a safe place to express herself to reach her goals. Colby needs individual attention and to feel as though she is treated fairly. Most of all, Colby needs a family who will make her feel important and worthy of being loved.

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