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Connor from Texas



from Texas

Connor is a sweet child who likes to ask a lot of questions and wants to know about his surroundings. He is very observant and likes learning new things. He can be very helpful and will share with others. Connor likes playing football, basketball, soccer, and video games. He likes eating pizza, spaghetti, and ramen noodles. He is very active and enjoys activities such as listening to music, camping, and fishing. Connor does very well academically. His favorite subjects in school are math, science, and reading. Connor has a lot of interests and hobbies that he enjoys doing when given the opportunity. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Connor will benefit from a one- or two-parent home. He will do well with a single dad. He will do best with a family that has older children in the home. Connor needs a family who will provide structure, but who is also active and understanding. Connor enjoys talking, so he will need a family that is very engaged.