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Corey from Texas



from Texas

Corey is a talkative and friendly child; he can be curious and would not hesitate to give an opinion. He is very smart when he applies himself. He has a personality that is very welcoming and has a smile that will warm up any room. He loves playing video games and playing outside. He also loves swimming and skateboarding. Corey is engaged in school band but now plans to start robotics. He does well in math and have good grades. He likes to make friends and gets along with other kids. He has a passion for drawing and is very creative. He has a passion of opening his own Art School to help other foster children. Corey has expressed his desire to be a Doctor or a NFL player someday.

Corey's forever family will be loving and caring. His family will be encouraging and support him getting involved with extracurricular activities to help bolster his skills and self-esteem, and help develop his social peer relationships. His family will be there for Corey into adulthood.

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