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Corey from Texas



from Texas

Corey is a thoughtful and energetic youth. Corey enjoys playing sports but especially loves playing basketball. He enjoys playing video games and computer games. Corey gets along well with other children, but does better with children older than him. He sometimes needs a reminder that he is the child and not the adult. Corey will benefit from a family that will be patient with him when he becomes upset. He responds well to positive feedback. Corey continues to work daily on reacting appropriately and accepting when he is wrong. When he gets upset, he responds best to allowing him time to cool down in his room.

Corey will benefit greatly from a patient, caring, and understanding family that will provide consistent structure, boundaries, and affection. He will need ongoing supportive services to address the adjustment to his new home. He will benefit from a family that provides positive feedback and works with him when he gets upset.

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