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Cornelius from Texas



from Texas

Cornelius is a handsome, yet inquisitive youth. He enjoys watching funny sitcoms on television and on his computer or tablet. Cornelius enjoys school, but he may benefit from support and encouragement to help him reach his full potential. He benefits from reminders at home and at school to stay focused and complete tasks. Cornelius loves to engage with others and play on his tablet or computer. His favorite game involves "Mind Craft." Cornelius has a positive mindset and loves to speak to others regarding positivity. He can be considered the big brother to the other male teen in his current home. Cornelius is a role model. At this time, Cornelius says he would love to have a forever family who lives in a house with dogs.

Cornelius will benefit from a stable family structure. He needs a family who will provide strict but loving boundaries. He will thrive in a family who can provide a safe, structured, therapeutic and nurturing home environment.

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