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Craig from Texas



from Texas

Craig is a caring and respectful youth who has a great personality. He is a helper at home; he enjoys the challenge of responsibility and seeks out proper adult guidance on how to maintain a home. Craig enjoys movie nights with the family and playing video games on his tablet or with his friends. He responds very well to structure and direction. Craig is well-mannered, friendly, and respectful towards those around him. He enjoys playing basketball and football. Craig does prefer to be alone at times rather than being part of a crowd. Craig enjoys the outdoors, and enjoys going fishing, horseback riding, and hunting. Craig also likes to ride his bike. Craig very much wants to earn his driver's license and have a car of his own.

The family best suited for Craig could be a one or two-parent household. Craig does well with other children and is capable of keeping himself company. Craig will thrive in a family who is structured, with clear and concise expectations, and offer much love and support. Craig has lived both in the city and in the country and has adapted well both places. He is such an easy-going youth and would be a great fit in almost any family.