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Crespin from Texas



from Texas

Crespin, who prefers to be called Nathaniel, is fun and caring. He thrives on one on one attention from his caregivers. Nathaniel enjoys being active and loves playing basketball during his free time. However, he also enjoys relaxing and watching movies or playing video games. He does well at school and gives it his all to make good grades. On occasion, Nathaniel can become upset but is able to calm himself down when he is given time and space. Nathaniel has great manners and can be very respectful. Nathaniel has siblings and it is important for him to spend time and make memories with them. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Nathaniel needs a dedicated family who will to be nurturing and understanding. He has siblings who are not part of this adoption and needs a family who understands his desire to remain in contact with them. His forever family will need to be able to have space for Nathaniel to have his own room. His family will need access to a variety of resources and after school activities so that he can remain busy and active. He will need a lot of patience and love in order to make a positive transition into his forever family.