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Cristian from Texas



from Texas

Cristian is a sweet, loving, and spirited boy. He enjoys listening to music and is especially fond of classical music and George Strait. Cristian enjoys playing with toys that he can manipulate and keep him interested. He particularly finds pleasure with bock because they let him be creative. He is also fascinated with toy trains and cars. He loves to go for car rides and finds them soothing and calming. Cristian is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has a speech impairment. Cristian can be shy at times. He will take his time warming up to new people, but once he does he loves to laugh and play. He is able to dress himself and put on his shoes but needs assistance with putting on his socks. He responds well to one-on-one interaction. He would be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Cristian's forever family will appreciate his unique gifts and needs. His forever family will provide structure, but also be flexible for those days Cristian needs comforting the most. His forever family will advocate for him. His family will love, support, and sacrifice for him over a lifetime. His forever home will allow him to grow, learn, and bring out the best in him. His range for speech is limited and that makes verbal communication challenging at times. His forever family will be willing to accommodate Cristian's needs, such as his therapy needs, which are designed to assist him in communicating and connecting with others, and assist with his daily needs.

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