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Cristian from Texas



from Texas

Cristian is a sweet and loving boy. He likes listening to classical music and George Strait. Cristian has a strong interest in toys. He especially enjoys playing with blocks, cars, and toy trains. It can take some time for Cristian to warm up to new people, but once he does he loves to laugh and play. He especially enjoys going on car rides. Cristian is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and speech impairment. Cristian has a limited range for speech related activities, which can make verbal communication challenging. He responds well to a weighted vest when his attention is needed. Cristian likes to explore objects with his mouth. He needs assistance to put on his socks, but is able to put on his shoes. Cristian needs close supervision and assistance with daily activities.

The best family for Cristian will appreciate his unique gifts and needs. His family will accommodate Cristian's needs, such as his therapy needs, which are designed to assist him in communicating and connecting with others, and assist with his daily needs. Cristian's family will have structure and flexibility in order adjust on days he needs comforting the most. Cristian needs a strong family who will advocate for him. His family will love, support, and sacrifice for him over a lifetime. Cristian has a lot of living, exploring, and laughing to do and his forever home will allow him to grow, learn, and bring out the best in him.

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