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Dacorion from Texas



from Texas

Dacorion is a quiet and reserved child when you first meet him. He can be slow to trust but once he does, Dacorion can be quite talkative and outspoken. Dacorion is an enthusiastic child who loves to participate in outdoor activities. He is a natural born athlete and excels in basketball as well as football. Dacorion is highly competitive and loves being the best at sports as well as video games. Dacorion gets along well with boys that are a few years older than him. He prefers to hang out with boys that are fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen years of age. Dacorion loves making his caregiver happy. His behavior is best when he is provided with incentives or extra praise. If he had three wishes, they would be: to get adopted, visit with his maternal grandmother, and play sports.

Dacorion will do best with a physically active and outgoing family. He will thrive in a home as the only child or in a home with no more than two other kids in the home. Dacorion will flourish in a home that encourages him to be involved in extracurricular activities or keeps him busy with activities in the community. He will thrive with a parent or parents that have a flexible or predictable schedule. Dacorion tends to listen and be more receptive to male figures in his life.

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