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Dallas from Texas



from Texas

Dallas is a quiet youngster who cares deeply about those with whom she is closest. She finds joy in helping her family with taking care of the younger children and doing household chores makes her feel part of the family. Dallas takes pleasure in singing in the school and church choirs. She can also be found outside riding her bike or playing an outdoor activity such as hide-and-seek. Dallas is cultivating a love of animals and would especially love to welcome a kitten into her forever family. Dallas is a nurturer and a rule follower. She is most at ease when there are clear and concise rules for the house and everyone adheres to them.

Meet Christian and Dallas! These siblings will keep you on your toes and fill your life with activity. Both Christian and Dallas love to go outside and play sports or ride their bikes, or stay inside and watch TV, play video and board games, or go to the movies. Christian loves to play football and basketball and looks forward to his practices and games. Dallas is looking forward to playing volleyball and running track next season. Dallas also enjoys singing in the school and church choirs. Going to church and having a family that is strong in their faith is important to Dallas and Christian. They each have a love for animals and, as you can tell from Dallas' picture, she hopes to have an indoor cat in her forever home. As most children their age, both of them are into technology and Christian is especially interested in learning more about computers. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Dallas' family will encourage her to participate in the activities she loves as well as introduce her to new activities she may not otherwise have known she enjoyed. Her forever family will be an active family who likes to go on walks and bike rides together. Staying healthy and fit is important to Dallas. Her forever parents will allow her to help out with the family chores or helping to take care of younger children or pets.