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Damian from Texas



from Texas

Damian is a distinguished boy with a determination to learn and master everything he possibly can. He has a charismatic personality and does not let his medical diagnoses keep him from reaching his full potential. He is always smiling, happy, and loves to give strong hugs to everyone. The only things Damian likes more than dancing and gadgets are his beloved toy companions, "Pablo" and "Tyrone," who never leave his side. Damian likes to keep them close while he relaxes on the couch playing on his iPad or Game Boy. He also enjoys music and has some pretty good moves of his own. Damian's language and communication skills are not at the same level of other children his age. He does well being around other people, but he does not initiate interaction with other children and prefers play that he can do on his own. Damian has a very laid-back personality and tends to go with the flow of things. Some of the activities he really enjoys include watching Toy Story 3 and anything to do with animals. He has been in the same home since he was a baby, so Damian has had a lot of stability in his life. Damian is a very patient and determined little boy despite his ongoing challenges. Damian is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Short Bowel Syndrome Damian has received a small bowel transplant and will need anti-rejection medications for life as well as yearly checkups with the transplant unit. He is doing remarkably well and is reported to be an amazing trooper. Finding a family committed to assuring he receives the necessary care for his small bowel will be very important. Damian achieved such excellent milestones before his transplant that there is great expectancy to what he will achieve now. A family who is optimistic and recognizes Damian's incredible potential will be the best rehabilitation for him. Damian has not let the success of his transplant go to his head. He still loves his electronics and stuffed animals. He is a strong little boy; he does not let his daily challenges keep him down. Although, he learns at a slower rate than other children his age, Damian loves attending school. He receives supportive services at school and receives Speech and Occupational therapy. He can express his emotions with physical behavior, but Damian is making progress and is learning to express his emotions with words. Damian has made lots of friends at school with his smiles and his happy personality.

Damian needs a loving and committed family who will make Damian's health a priority so that he can continue to grow healthy and strong. Prior medical experience knowledge is not necessary, but his family must be willing to be educated on his condition and learn how to provide for his needs. Damian and his forever family would be eligible for a number of benefits/services to help provide or his care.

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