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Damien from Texas



from Texas

Damian is an adorable, happy teen. His face lights up and his eyes open wide when he listens to Spanish music. Damian's eyes also light up when he is among his siblings and those that care for him. He turns his head in the direction of voices and music. Damian enjoys being around his siblings and enjoys the attention they give him. His siblings will talk to him about their day and he appears to enjoy the conversations. Damien likes to celebrate all holidays and spending time with others. He also enjoys spending time outdoors when the weather is nice. Damien is diagnosed with Microcephaly, Static Encephalopathy with a VP shunt, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, Dysphagia, and Contractures.

Mya, Alinah, Jenissa, Andrea, Martin, Matthew, and Damian are ready to find their forever family. Although they have individual interests, they enjoy many activities together such as playing with toys, enjoying the outdoors, and visiting parks and restaurants. The children enjoy celebrating all occasions, having fun times together on trips to the beach and zoo, and love competing with one another in bowling. Martin and Matthew are the youngest of the group and spend a lot of time with their oldest sister, Mya. Mya takes care of them and guides them through their daily activities. Mya is usually in charge when it comes to games or leading in tasks with her siblings. Alinah, Jenissa, and Andrea have a close bond and usually help Mya with caring for Martin and Matthew. Damien is the oldest in the group and shows his emotions by smiling when he hears his sibling's voices. Mya, Alinah, Jenissa, Andrea, Martin, and Matthew are close to one another and can usually be found entertaining each other with games and activities.

Damian's forever family needs to be experienced in caring for a child with medical needs. The family will need to allow nurses, therapists, and other professional into their home to care for him. Because of his conditions, Damian will have lifelong medical needs. His caregivers need to have medical knowledge and be willing to learn the appropriate manner to best care for him. The family will need access to resources and be a strong advocate to ensure his needs are met. Damian will benefit from a family where at least one parent is able to be his primary caregiver for most of the time when he is not attending school. He requires a loving, stable family who will nurture him. Damian will benefit from parents that are able to meet his needs primarily at home, and have good community support and schools. He needs consistency in location of activities such as sleeping, feeding and playtime. Damian requires stability and security to thrive. He will benefit from a family who will include him in all family activities as he enjoys being around others.

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