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Damien from Texas



from Texas

Damien is a bashful youth with a very sweet and genuine personality. He initially takes time to open up to others, but he is very easy to get along with and respectful towards others. Damien enjoys spending time with his peers playing sports like basketball and football. He also enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and talking with his friends on the phone. Damien is an adventurous child who enjoys spending time outside taking long walks. Damien enjoys eating home cooked meals with the family. He does well academically and is a model student. Damien desires to be a student athlete and wants to attend college but does not have a career major in mind just yet. He does have dreams to possibly play professionally in football. Damien attends church and enjoys participating in church youth activities in his community.

Damien's family will be patient and understanding. They will enjoy his adventurous and outgoing spirit. His forever family will encourage spending time doing activities as a family. Damien would do very well with having siblings of any age in the home. Damien's parents will love and prepare him to become strong and independent. They will encourage his goals for the future.

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