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Danta from Texas



from Texas

Danta is a very cheerful boy. He is intelligent, inquisitive, outgoing, and nurturing. Danta's hobbies are drawing, playing video games, and cooking. He enjoys sports and participating in fun activities like laser tag, bowling, and video games. Danta struggles with getting along with peers in close proximity to his age. However, he does get along well with younger children and older teenagers. Danta does well academically, but sometimes he has behavioral issues that affect his learning. Upon college graduation, Danta wants to attend Texas A&M in College Station and join the US Marine Corps. He has basic knowledge about behaviors that are appropriate and behaviors that are inappropriate. Danta desires to have a successful life, and his future is promising provided he receives the love, nurture, and support that he needs from a family.

Danta is in need of a family who will provide him with structure and guidance on a daily basis until he reaches adulthood. He wants a two parent home of any race that consist of a mom and dad, one to two additional children who are boys preferably older or younger than he is, and pets, excluding snakes. Danta will enjoy a family that is active, so he can have the opportunity to get out and do things. The ideal family will be one that ensures Danta can have a successful life and promising future. Danta is in need of a family who will give him the love, nurturing, and support that a child needs. Danta would like a family who models and praises good behavior, in a loving, caring environment. He also wants a family who will show an interest in the things he likes. Danta has siblings with whom he would like to continue contact.

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