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Darius from Texas



from Texas

Darius is a shy and reserved youth when first meeting new people. Though once he gets comfortable with someone, he loves to talk about anything related to football and basketball. He loves to shop for clothes and shoes. His favorite food is chicken nuggets, Takis, or hot Cheetos. Darius is very athletic and longs to play football for his school this year. He also loves to listen to music. When he grows up, he wants to be a successful musician/artist. He enjoys smaller group interaction and prefers to spend time alone. Darius will need patience, motivation, and encouragement while doing schoolwork. In school, he will thrive with support and creative, yet simple, teaching styles to keep him engaged and confident in himself.

Darius will thrive in a family who provides structure and a consistent environment. His family will be open minded, encouraging, and supportive as he finds himself. Darius needs parents who offer patience and understanding when he is expressing his emotions and thoughts. His parents will provide a safe and trusting environment to grow and learn. Darius would do well as an only child. He will shine with a family who is athletic and loves sports and video games as much as him.

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