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Darren from Texas



from Texas

Darren is full of energy. Like many children his age, he is interested in forms of play which feed his impulsive nature. Darren likes to play outdoors by playing with his cars, trucks, video games and with his stuff animals. He has names for all of his stuffed animals and they are special to him. He is constantly on the move and does not yet understand the importance taking a break. He enjoys playing by himself. He also enjoys playing video games. Darren's favorite foods are pizza and cheeseburgers. Darren likes playing on his tablet, going out to eat, swimming and just having a great time. He easily follows a routine schedule. He is doing well in school and enjoys learning. Darren listens and follows directions well, but like most children his age will need to be redirected at times. When given proper consistency, he responds well.

Darren's family will provide him with a strong structured environment. His family will help him learn to express his behaviors in a positive way. Darren will need close supervision by his family as he is an active child. His forever family will be patient with him and give unconditional love.

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