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Dasia from Texas



from Texas

Dasia is feisty and develops strong attachments to people and tangible items. She loves McDonalds and her favorite meal is a quarter pounder with French fries and a root beer without ice. Dasia enjoys movies, skating, and swimming. One of her favorite things to have done in the past was to get outside and help with a community garden where she was able to play with the farm animals. Like many youth her age, Dasia has her good and bad days. Dasia will need patience and stability to ensure she succeeds in life and adjusts well with her forever family. In general, Dasia is an independent child who prefers to play and work alone.

Dasia will do well with a one or two-parent family. She needs someone with a strong personality and who will set and enforce consistent rules and expectations of behavior. Dasia will do best with intensive structure, strict discipline, and redirection. Her family will be patient, loving, and willing to work with her. Dasia will do best as the only child, but if there are other children in the home, she will do best with an older sibling. Dasia requires a lot of individual attention.

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