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David from Texas



from Texas

David is an intelligent and articulate youth with a high level of introspection. He considers himself to be independent, a deep thinker with introvert qualities. David is kind and cares very deeply for his fellow peers. He is a renaissance kid as he has many diverse interests! David enjoys Anime, Pokemon, and loves to read all kinds of books. He is also an avid sports fan. David loves to watch football, basketball, and soccer, but he loves to play them even more. He wants to be a wide receiver or running back for his school football team. David has expanded his interests and is looking forward to joining the yearbook club. Skateboarding is one of his hobbies. David is also a master at video games. You name the game and he has played it! He enjoys Lego building too. David is interested in learning how to do wood burning. David enjoys art such as drawing and earned a prestigious award for one of his photograph projects. David is really proud that he has overcome his fear of roller coasters and enjoys the local theme park.

David has expressed his dreams of a family. He hopes for parents who have time to listen to him with a non-judgmental manner and can teach him about life and how to be a gentleman. David wants parents who will cheer him on at his football games and other activities. He wants to make his family proud. He is open to all type of family dynamics. A family who wants to spend time helping him grow his interests will make a huge difference in his outlook of himself. A family with a calm manner will help give him feel safe. He will do best with a family who will offer him a strong sense of belonging. David really prefers when adults tell him the hard truth versus sugar coating issues. He will do well with siblings older or younger as long as they are a positive influence. David suggested his first visit with his adoptive family will be to go eat Chinese food together. David is also seeking a family who can help him explore different cultures, religions, and philosophy.

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