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Dayton from Texas



from Texas

Dayton is active and energetic; he is hopeful in finding and meeting his forever family. Dayton makes friends easily. He looks forward to hanging out with his youth group at church. He is a fun, loving, and sensitive boy. Dayton speaks and thinks quickly on his feet. He does well in school and has improved academically with support. Dayton loves to draw. He is happy doing arts and crafts while listening to music. He is all about electronic devices. Dayton loves football and basketball, as well as playing other games. Talking on the phone is a favorite pastime of his as well. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

An energetic and active family will be ideal for Dayton. Dayton desires to have a family who is involved in activities, or supportive of community and social activities. He desires to have few to no siblings. Unselfishly, he wants to receive all of the love and affection from parents that he can get. Parents who are creative, involved, and witty will be an awesome fit for Dayton. Dayton has no preference on age, race, or geographical location.

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